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Memorial Academic Scholarships for Women

Scholarships Announcement 2024

Texas Democratic Women of Rural North Texas

Two-$1000 Scholarships Awarded Annually


The Tracy A. Smith Memorial Academic Scholarship was established to honor our past president. Tracy was very active in the Democratic Party and held many different offices including Wise County Democratic Chairman. She was an advocate for advancement of women and minorities in the community. She worked tirelessly to help others and to share her expert knowledge about democratic processes.

The Lucille W. and Donald C. Drain Memorial Academic Scholarship

Lucille W Drain - This scholarship was established by Don Drain (Lucille's son) to honor the legacy of this strong, independent woman. She was a dedicated Democrat who served over thirty- five years on the Newark City Council with much of her term in office spent as Mayor Pro Tem. Lucille was a lifetime advocate for education for women and her many years of public service left a meaningful impact on her beloved community.

Donald C. Drain- In loving Memory we have added Don to his Mother's scholarship. He was a Veteran who loved to be among the public whether it was at his favorite restaurant, visiting his union brothers or working with local Democrats. You would rarely see him without his Veteran's cap on. He was proud to serve his country and proud to be a Democrat. He was active in his community as a Wise County election Judge, Precinct Chairman, Delegate to the State Convention and even ran for public office. In the last several years  he was a dedicated member of our organization and served as Treasurer. He established and was a major contributor financially to our scholarship program. He took great pride in awarding Scholarships to deserving students. We will miss Don's never ending enthusiasm and support!

Qualifications for the Memorial Academic Scholarships

•A woman who is a permanent resident of a rural county in North Texas

•Will attend an accredited college, university or trade school

•Must have a grade point average of 2.5 or above

•Demonstrates financial need

• Is able to travel for interview if a finalist

Applicants must submit the following materials by April 8, 2024 to the 

Texas Democratic Women of Rural North Texas

P. O. Box 695, Decatur, Texas 76234

•Completed Application

•500-word essay ,typed

        •Two letters of recommendation including one from a School Counselor or Principal that also verifies GPA and one from a teacher,                             clergyman, business person/business owner or other professional such as an attorney or physician.

Evaluation Criteria

•Financial need and recommendations – 50%

•Scholastic record – 20%

•Essay – 15%

•Interview – 15%

Academic Scholarships for Women 



Scholarship Amounts: $1,000.00 Lucille W. Drain & Donald C. Drain Memorial Scholarship


                                         $1,000.00 Tracy A. Smith Memorial Scholarship


Please PRINT your information on the lines provided.

Personal Background

_____________________________________________ _______________________

(applicant’s full name)(date of birth)

(physical address; no post office box numbers, please)

________________________ ___________________

(town) (zip code)

___________________ ___________________

(home phone no.) (cell phone no.—applicant’s or parent’s)

(email address—applicant’s or parent’s)

__________________________________________ __________________________

(parent or guardian’s full name) (daytime phone no.)

Academic Background


(expected date of graduation) (name of school/institution)

________    __________

(cumulative G.P.A. as of today’s date)(Signature of Counselor or Principal)

Applicant plans to attend or is attending:

_____ accredited two-year college

_____ accredited four-year college/university

_____ accredited trade school

_____ not yet decided

            **The Texas Democratic Women of Rural North Texas will award the two scholarships only to women who attend one of the above.

Financial Disclosure

$____________________ $____________________

(combined monthly net income of cohabiting parents) OR (monthly net income of custodial parent)


(tuition assistance from other sources including assistance from non-custodial parent)

Letters of Recommendation

          Please attach to this application TWO letters of recommendation, one from your school counselor or principal and the other from a

           clergy person, business person/business owner, or other professional such as an attorney or physician.

 Essay Topic

                                                                                                                      Length: 500 words 

                Subject: Pick one thing about the U.S. Constitution including its amendments that you think should be changed. What

                                modifications would you make? Explain your reasons for making this change.

NOTE: This year we are asking applicants to type their essays for improved legibility. 

 Use a book print-style font, size 10 or 12.

Please send by U.S. mail your completed application, two letters of recommendation, and essay to:

Texas Democratic Women of

Rural North Texas

P. O. Box 695

Decatur, TX 76234

Attn: Scholarship Committee

Please include your name on all attachments.

Deadline for consideration is Monday, April 8, 2024.

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