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Tracy A. Smith Memorial Academic Scholarship

Texas Democratic Women of Rural North Texas

$1000 Scholarship Awarded Annually

The Tracy A. Smith Memorial Academic Scholarship was established by the Texas Democratic Women of Rural North Texas to honor our past president. Ms. Smith was very active in the Democratic party and held many different offices including Wise County Democratic Chair. She was an advocate for advancement of women and minorities in the community. She worked tirelessly to help others and to share her expert knowledge about democratic processes. We want to honor her memory by assisting with the education of women. 

Special THANKS to DON DRAIN for establishing this scholarship!

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Lucille W. and Donald Drain Memorial Academic Scholarship


Texas Democratic Women of Rural North Texas

$1000 Scholarship Awarded Annually

Established by Don Drain in loving memory of his Mother.

Lucille Drain graduated from Boyd High School in 1932 and planned to attend Nursing school but her family lost everything during the Depression so they moved to Newark. It was there that she met and married Edward Drain. She was a strong independent woman and became very active in the community! She was instrumental in the Incorporation of the City of Newark and in forming the Ladies Auxiliary of the Fire Department which helped sustain it as well as provide equipment and uniforms. She was on the City Council for over thirty-five years and half of that time she was Mayor Pro Tem. She was a dedicated Democrat who voluntarily served the community as Election Clerk and Judge for many years. She and her husband believed in education and supported and belonged to organizations that helped the community and school systems. She also served as PTA President and other functions at the school.

This scholarship honors the legacy of Lucille W. Drain's meaningful impact on her community by assisting with the education of women.

In  memory of our dear friend DONALD C. DRAIN that we lost on September 3rd, 2023 

we have added his name to his mother's scholarship

Don Drain was a Veteran who loved to be among the public whether it was at his favorite restaurant, visiting his Union brothers or working with local Democrats. You would rarely see him without his Veteran cap on. He was proud to serve his country and proud to be a Democrat! He was active in his community as a Wise County election judge, precinct chairman, delegate to the state convention and even ran for elected office. In the last several years he was a dedicated member of our organization and served as our treasurer. He established and was a major contributor financially to our scholarship program. He took great pride in awarding scholarships to deserving students. We will miss Don's never ending enthusiasm and support!


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$1000 WAS AWARDED IN 2018 TO


Muenster High School

Our 2019 $1000 TRACY A. SMITH

 Memorial Scholarship was awarded to 

Mandy Crooks

Boyd High School!

$500 Scholarship 2019

Our first Lucille W. Drain Scholarship was awarded to


Oklahoma State University

Memorial Scholarships Awards 2020

We have awarded our 2020 Scholarships to five outstanding students!

We thank all of the excellent applicants and wish them the best of luck in their bright and promising futures. It was not easy to select our winners.

Winners of the Tracy A. Smith Memorial Scholarships are:

$1000- Mandy Crooks who attended Boyd High School and now attends UNT.

$500-Denise Garcia Tadea who attended Alvord High School and will be attending UNT.

$500- Malala Fullingim who attended Boyd High School and will be attending Tarleton State University.

Winners of the Lucille W. Drain Memorial Scholarships are:

$1000- Mia Hweidi who attended Lindsay High School and will be attending UNT.

$500- Ema Howerton who attended Slidell High School and will be attending Weatherford College.

CONGRATULATIONS to all of our winners! You make us Proud!!!

Mandy Crooks

$1000 Scholarship Winner!

Mia Hweidi

$1000 Scholarship Winner!

Denise Garcia Tadea

$500 Scholarship Winner!

Malala Fullingim

$500 Scholarship Winner!

Ema Howerton

$500 Scholarship Winner!


A Message from Mandy Crooks recipient of our $1000 Scholarship Award 2019, 2020, 2021 & 2022

  While this year is looking much different than the last, and many things can not be in person right now, I still wanted to find a way to express my gratitude to the Texas Democratic Women of Rural North Texas. The scholarship I was awarded has done tremendous amounts for me this year. The stress of many things have been heightened due to the current epidemic, but this scholarship allowed me to have that much less on my plate to worry about. 

 Despite how different college life is in what the world is looking like today, I am able to enjoy life just as much as before. I have been able to become involved on campus in an organization known as the North Texas Sweethearts. We strive for community involvement, academic achievement, and growing friendships among ourselves. I have moved into an apartment with some of my best friends, and living with them has been nothing short of fantastic. I have also managed to maintain my GPA of a 4.0 this far into the semester. 

  I just wanted to take this moment to tell how well college life is going for me and express my gratitude to those that have made it that much  more possible for me to be here. I appreciate everything this organization has done for me and others!     

-Mandy Crooks 


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